Many Residents view the removal of both Doctor’s practices and associated facilities from the centre of the town with dismay. Problems forseen include difficulty of access and additional cost for patients, inadequate car parking and the effect on trading in the town centre.

NHS Properties Ltd., a Government-created for-profit company, own Seaford Medical Practice’s building. They have a history of being awkward landlords and decline to provide answers to anyone else. There is the opinion that the area covered by the current buildings could be redeveloped into a Hub for both Practices in the town.

Old School Surgery operate from rented accommodation whose lease is soon up for renewal.

Many representations have already been made to Lewes DC and much evidence has been unearthed and presented as part of that. The next meetings will be in February 2020. SRV is involved and watching every move.

7 February 2020

There is a very good summary of the current Couincil position of the Health Hub in the Sussex Express. It’s available here.

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