Questions have been raised with both Lewes DC and Seaford TC. East Sussex County Council (Highways) provide the licence to the scaffolder. Seaford expresss their protest at the inordinate amount of time the scaffolding has been there – 4 years and counting.

The Agent for the building’s owner has been identified – IDP Group, Sean Smith – and attempts have been made to engage with him, but without success. Seaford TC is apparently “in discussions” with the company. Information from their website is at this link.

We will not let this go. It is an unacceptable situation.

Emily O’Brien reported on 1 Feb 2020:
“Update on Talland Road Scaffolding in Seaford – Developer has committed to finishing the internal prep work next week, with demolition starting the following week (from 9th Feb). District Council officers keeping a a close eye to make sure this is really happening this time.
Demolition is always unpleasant, dusty and noisy – but it’s the way to get the job done and scaffolding out the way. This is probably the only site in the district where everyone is praying for demolition to start so let’s just go with (it)”
Emily is the lead Cabinet member for Planning on Lewes DC.

It’s good that information has finally been made public as it’s in everyone’s interests for that to be so. It removes some of the frustrations and lack of trust for Residents and that improves goodwill between them and their Councils – and even with the developer.

Notice the word “improves”, not “restores”…

Update on 21 January 2020:
Detailed information is being requested by Freedom of Information requests from East Sussex and Lewes District. Work is in progress.

Update on 16 January 2020:
Communication channels are now opening between the Lead Councillor on Planning, our MP, the Chairman of LDC and ourselves. We are awaiting volunteers to keep diaries on when work takes place on the site so that claims that work is taking place can be rebuffed when necessary.

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