Membership is free and open to all residents of the Parish (or District Ward) of Seaford aged 16 or over. This means from Tide Mills and Bishopstone in the west to Exceat Bridge and the Cuckmere River in the east, and from High and Over in the north to the English Channel in the south. People living outside Seaford but with close connections are not automatically excluded, but will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Privacy policy

SRV is committed to safeguarding the privacy of all members and others with whom it may from time to time be in contact. We do not share names, addresses, email addresses or any other personal information with any other organisation, and will not sell Members’ details to anyone. This applies whether we receive such details by hand, post or electronic means, including via this website and SRV’s Facebook page. These details are only accessible to a small number of current Committee members. The Secretary keeps and maintains the membership database and will not release details on it to other members.

Any disclosures which may be made will be restricted to those required by the police or other authorities legally entitled to request personal details for law enforcement purposes.
To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we must warn you that we hold the data and explain what we do with it, even if that is what we would do anyway. Like any association, Seaford Residents Voice collects information about its members. We ask for these details so that we can verify that a new member does live within Seaford, as above, and because we need Members’ data for communications related to the activities of SRV.


All members are expected to express themselves with respect for others and to be tolerant of views with which they might not agree.

SRV is a non-political organisation, but acknowledges that elected Councillors can be among the most dedicated and effective representatives. It is our view, however that “party politics” has no place in local government, so should any Member appear unduly biased due to “party political” or extreme ideological affiliations or beliefs, he/she will be asked to resign.

In pursuance of the above, and to comply with the SRV Constitution, the Committee reserves the right to:

  1. Take whatever steps might normally be possible to verify membership details supplied.
  2. Reject posts which contain offensive language, or could reasonably be expected to cause undue offence.
  3. Reject posts which advocate political, ideological or religious beliefs in a manner designed to influence or manipulate debate and decisions in favour of policies associated with particular parties or organisations.
  4. Remove any post later found to include unduly offensive language or banned content, as above.
  5. Reject all posts which are or contain Advertising for goods or services, by or on behalf of Commercial and Not-for-profit organisations.
    (This is to prevent the Facebook page being overwhelmed with appeals for support by charitable bodies).
  6. Delete or cancel duplicate memberships found to have been created or approved in error.
  7. Termininate the Membership of any member who persistently breaks the above terms and conditions, in accordance with the Constitution.

Disclaimer: The SRV Committee cannot guarantee that this website has not been hacked in such a way as to reveal any personal details passing through it, or that communications via Facebook, email, telephone or post are and will remain secure. The Committee does not accept liability for data breaches which are outside its control.