On the quiet, Seaford is a Destination. In the main visitors arrive for the day – there are comparatively few hotels or guest houses left in the town now. One of the facilities most towns take for granted is the presence of public conveniences in popular areas.

Seaford has three on or near the seafront: next to the Martello Tower, at the Salts Recreation Ground and at the Buckle car park. Those at the Martello are in a disgraceful state and there have been moves to replace them which date back years. Finance has never been on their side, though. Coupled with that we are in the era when, quite rightly, provision needs to be made for those of us with disabilities. That adds to the cost and to the space needed.

The plans are to include a Changing Places facility, a new kiosk with indoor and outdoor seating to replace the wooden one, and of course the usual toilets.

Funds are promised from East Sussex and Seaford Town Councils, as well as via a grant from Lottery funding (in view of the Changing Places element).

As of May 2021 the Town Council has invited tenders from architects who would also act as clerk of works. Progress is being made.