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Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan will summarise how Residents want the town to develop. It will strengthen the case for Town and District Councils to refuse inappropriate development plans by well-financed companies and encourage the development of facilities that residents do want. Further details, including how to make a representation and a map of the proposed Neighbourhood Area, can be found on the Neighbourhood Planning webpage (of Seaford Town Council.) This is a long -and continuiing - job, but eminently worthwhile and we welcome the progress being made. We are approaching the time when public opinions on detail will be sought.

Police presence in Seaford

There seems no longer to be an Officer available to man the desk at the shared Police Station / Tourist Information Centre / Council Office. Indeed, residents have pointed out that there seems to be little Police presence available in the town at all, particularly in the evenings. Enquiries have discovered that officers are despatched from Lewes, or a mobile patrol diverted, in case of need. Low level, but major impact crime has been reported with increasing frequency, notably from around the Crouch area, particularly the Football Club, and little if anything seems to be happening to prevent it or to discourage the culprits who indulge in criminal damage, under-age drinking, drugs and truancy.

We have therefore written to the MP, Chief Constable, Police and Crime Commissioner and our own Neighbourhood Watch to explain that Seaford is the largest town in this District and that it deserves better. A return to a manned office, with officers able to respond quickly at need, has been requested, along with a more proactive attitude to these problems.

The text of our letter appears here.

More information as it appears.

Newlands School site

Negotiations took place with developers Pegasus and Jaynic to develop the grounds for mixed housing, to include 40% of affordable homes of various types. Jaynic held a consultation on 2 December 2015 to look at outline proposals - see Interestingly there was a totally different atmosphere at the consultation with Jaynic compared to those to do with the Buckle. Jaynic sounded as if they genuinely welcomed people's views.

Following representations from us, Seaford Town Council, Lewes District Council and Sports england, the plans were amended. The number of homes to be developed was reduced to 183 and a football pitch plus changing facilities added. Jaynic's Q&A's are available here.

On 7 April 2017 Seaford Town Council voted against the amended proposals, and supporting the Sports England objection that 1 football pitch was inadequate to replace the Newlands facilities. The additional proposals made were that -

It's now down to the executive planners at Lewes DC to decide so if anyone feels they wish to object on any of those points, that's where letters should be directed. Please don't forget that it's equally important to voice your support FOR a scheme as it is to OBJECT to it.

We and the site's neighbours continue to keep a close eye on the development plans and we shall help each other as appropriate.

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Local health service provision

There are just two doctors' practices in the town, both in the town centre and close to each other. Many services have been withdrawn from Eastbourne DGH, and some patients are being asked to travel to Hastings for treatment. SRV has been supporting campaigns, particularly led by Sam Adeniji (Councillor), that have already ensured that some services are provided under the NHS at Horder Healthcare on Sutton Road. See Improving Seaford Health on Facebook for full details.

By comments on Seaford Notice Board and other forums, residents have already made it clear that this is a work in progress. Better solutions are essential.

Alfriston Road flooding

We are supporting Cllr Sarah McStravick in her efforts to gain improvements here. It's a drainage issue, obviously, but worsened by overhanging trees on land whose ownership is uncertain. Efforts are ongoing.

Belgrave Road crossing

Traffic speeds and sight lines in this area are the subject of action by Carolyn Lambert, our LDC and ESCC Councillor for the area. S R V is supporting her campaign in every way that will be effective to ensure that a safe crossing is established here.

Vale Road traffic

Vale Road is a residential road with unrestricted parking on both sides. Buses traverse it regularly. It is also a traffic shortcut to the Cradle Hill recycling centre and the Alfriston Road. There have been accidents and near-misses on it, some serious ones, despite which the Council responsible see no reason to install any form of traffic calming.

With co-operation from Seaford Town Council S R V has sought and gained a traffic speeds census to prove or disprove the allegations of persistent speeding. Results show that the average speed is 29 mph. Vale Road residents (and sensible users) would probably say that their usual driving speed was lower than that; it seems to indicate that some drivers are exceeding the limit to bring the average to what it is. This is still an ongoing project.

McCarthy & Stone car park and affordable housing

Under planning permissions M&S were obliged to build affordable homes next to their new build on the Beachcomber site, Eversley Court. Because of problems with title to the land and finding an operating partner they were unable to do so in the timely manner and instead persuaded Lewes District Council that they should build a car park for the new flats. LDC agreed reluctantly but the permission for it would be for four years only.

McCarthy & Stone still owe the town some affordable homes and SRV is determined that they must be held to account and provide it.

Sea Defences

Use of shingle shifting as a means to maintain sea defences has long been an item for discussion! Moves are afoot to persuade the Environment Agency that a better, more long term solution is required. The Facebook pages advertise meetings and involvement by all residents would demonstrate the opinions that are held.


SRV charges no membership fee. A donation of just £1 would help with expenses and publicity. Please will you help?


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