Who does what locally

The three Councils

We are 'looked after' by -
Seaford Town Council, our non-executive council, in legal terms on a par with a Parish Council.
Lewes District Council, the executive council covering Lewes, Seaford, Newhaven, East Saltdean to Peacehaven, and Polegate. Seaford is the largest town in the District with about 27,000 inhabitants.
East Sussex County Council, the county authority with responsibilities for infrastructure, including roads.

Which does what?

Seaford Town Council
Main web page: Seaford Town Council
Responsible for: The Salts and the Base, the Martello, The Crouch, the Crypt, allotments, Seaford Head Golf Course and Nature Reserve, Martello Fields, Seafront, Tree Wardens.
Phone: 01323 872976
Where to report problems : this part of their website.

Lewes District Council
Responsible for: planning applications, refuse, parking, dog wardens, rates, pavements and road verges (not roads), street cleaning, housing, noise nuisance and other environmental issues, public toilets, etc.
Phone (Customer Services): 01273 484999
Report faults online to: Customer Services
Main web page: Lewes District Council

East Sussex County Council
Responsible for: roads including lighting (but not verges or pavements!), abandoned vehicles and signs, education etc.
Phone (Customer Services): 01273 484999
Report faults online to "Fix My Street" (see below) or start at the Council's main page (also see below) and look at the 'Report' section on the left.

"Fix My Street"
Fix My Street - www.fixmystreet.com - will automatically send full details to the appropriate council so saving you having to know where to pitch your complaint.

There's even an app available for most smartphones so you can react and report on the spot, even with a photo - an excellent idea. Details here.

Main ESCC web page: East Sussex County Council

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Your Town Councillors - those for your Ward - are listed below. It is to one of them that you should report a problem in your Ward. You could also contact a Councillor if, once you've reported a problem, nothing sems to have happened. If it's outside the scope of that Councillor - i.e. it's a District matter and you've been talking to a Town Concillor - then it's the Lewes District Councillor for the same Ward.

Since the May 2015 elections we are in new territory. Some of those responsible for the past conduct of Seaford Town Council whose apalling state was uncovered in Spring 2014 have now been voted out or did not stand. We hope and trust that the new Councillors will steer well clear of their "example".

It is obvious that the Town Clerk has been a breath of fresh air in the Council offices and the Chamber since taking over, and is nurturing the very capable staff rather than trying to micro-manage and bully them.

Town Councillors' addresses as published on the Council website, click here  |  Hide the link

Town & District Councillors - from October 2016

Central Ward
Terry Goodman (LD) - 01323 896024
Rahnuma Hayder (LD) - 01323 896869
Penny Lower (Lab) - 01323 898925
Maggie Wearmouth (C) - no number given
Lewes District:
Bill Bovington - (C)
Stephen Gauntlett (LD) - 01323 872471
South Ward
Sam Adeniji (C) - 01323 873500
Nick Freeman (C) - 01323 491119
Lindsay Freeman (Mayor) (LD) - 01323 491119
Olivia Honeyman (LD) - 07500 729136
Lewes District:
Sam Adeniji (C)
Olivia Honeyman (LD) - 07500 729136
East Ward
Phil Boorman (Ind) - 07951 813014
Barry Burfield (C) - 01323 492487
Alan Latham (Independent) - 01323 872400
Les Worcester (C) - 01323 894939
Lewes District:
Julian Peterson (C) -
Tony Nicholson (C) - 01323 891460
North Ward
David Argent (C) - 01323 892986
Cheryl White (LD) - 07402 224060
Adam McClean (LD) - no number given
Richard Honeyman (LD) - no number given
Lewes District:
Alex Lambert (LD) -
Paul Franklin (C) - 01323 897987
West Ward
Mark Brown (deputy Mayor) (C) - 01323 893861
David Burchett (C) - 07803 014192
Bill Webb (?) - 07931 337878
Linda Wallraven (C) - 01323 492246
Lewes District:
Rob Blackman (C) - 01323 872194
Linda Wallraven (C) - 01323 492246

County Councillors

Seaford Sutton:   
Frank Carstairs
07979 541975
Seaford Blatchington:   
Carolyn Lambert
01323 890976
Ouse Valley East-
which includes part of Bishopstone:   
Peter Charlton - 07827 663278


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Seaford Ward map

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