Results of some of our actions for the town so far.


LDC's New Homes Scheme including The Buckle.

After a long series of campaigns and forthright discussions with Lewes District with other organisations, we were successful in causing the cancellation of this ill-conceived scheme to develop on a series of well-used town facilities and other sites inappropriate for development. More details are available here.

LDC Leader

The Leader of LDC up to September 22, 2015 had proved to be completely uninterested in listening to his electors. The crunch came when he insulted the whole town in an email to Town Councillors (who, of course, represent residents under democratic process, as should he.)

His incredibly arrogant attempt to demean those who had expressed a particular concern was aired publicly by SRV. The subsequent force of public opinion and pressure brought to bear by us, Cllrs Mark Brown and Sam Adeniji, 150+ local residents who wrote indivivdually to complain, and actions by others, all proved too much. Cllr Blackman was forced by his Party to resign his post. This came into effect on Monday 21 September 2015.

Frankly the forcing of a resignation is not something to be reagarded with pride as it affects adversely another human being. However in this case the problems had been endured by so many for so long that there was no alternative.

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The ex-Caffyns site

Guided by comments on Facebook and by our survey we were convinced that most Seafordians resist more age-restricted housing, thus artificailly increasing retirement-age residents beyond 30%. We successfully backed the Town Council's decision, ran a campaign and presented a petition. The L D C Planning Committee rejected the application on 10 December 2014 as a result.

The developer appealed and was again refused. They appealed to the Secretary of State. He ignored the wishes of the majority of local people and local Councils, and apparently without any local knowledge whatsoever, allowed the appeal in October 2015 so allowing the development to take place.

All we can say is that SRV, Seaford Town Council and Lewes District Council have done everything possible to get the sort of development that we need, which meant refusing still more age restricted housing without car parking or additinal medical provision.

On the positive side am eyesore in the centre of the town will be improved - it is to be hoped.

The full appeal decision is available here.

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Town Council

Many criticisms were being made of Seaford Town Council's conduct at the start of 2014. It was these criticisms which prompted a number of residents to compare notes on the newly created Seaford Notice Board - on Facebook - and to call a meeting. From that sprang Seaford Residents' Voice (SRV). It was not just the new association that caused the subsequent enquiries and actions. The interest generated in the town, and the fact that people were prepared to stand up and complain loudly, certainly had the desired effect.

In less than a year we have seen -

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Seaford Any Questions

We ran a successful "Any Questions" style event two days before the May 2015 Election. With Norman Baker (LD), Maria Caulfield (C), Ray Finch (UKIP), Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Lab) and Alfie Stirling (Green) it was designed to offer all residents the chance to see and hear the people behind the names behind the hype.

We're happy to report that from comments received afterwards it was a success, and we were pleased to have had the chance to organise it.

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We ran a questionnaire, prompted by Councillors, to seek views on the future of schemes to offer places for permanent memorials. We have seafront benches but there is a limit there and alternatives were sought. There were 52 respondents and there votes were -

There were also some thought provoking ideas, all of which have been provided to Seaford Town Council along with the votes.

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A26 flooding

Not strictly a Seaford issue, yet many residents use the road. The flooded road near near Beddingham froze on Friday 23 January 2015 and caused an accident.

Comments on Seaford Noticeboard prompted us to email ESCC who referred us to the Highways Agency. Their representative called on Thursday afternoon - twice - the second time to report action. Temporary traffic lights were installed that evening; we were promised the drain would be pumped out the following day, and then that a surevey would follow on Monday.

More inforamation to follow.

Pavement parking by Tesco, Sutton Park Road

Pedestrians using the pavement here have reported near misses by cars accessing the Tesco owned land immediately outside the store. As well as the obvious actual dangers to all, this raised the issue about vehicles being allowed to park or drive on pavements.

We shall support the prospect of a change in the law on pavement parking - apparently it's not illegal yet. But in the interim arrangements were made for two planters to be moved from outside the Library to the corner of Broad Street (north) and Sutton Park Road to make vehicle access more difficult. It seems to be working.

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Road surfacing

Little seemed to be happening to the various worn, damaged and pot-holed road surfaces in the town. We wrote to East Sussex County Council's highways department but received what can only be described as a 'fobbing off' reply. Photographs were taken of the damage in one section (Dane Road, Green Lane and West Street, plus a deep pothole on the Esplanade) and sent to the Liaison Team at ESCC with a suitable letter - text of both emails is here.

A reminder phone call was made on 4 June and an email received on Friday 5 June giving a timescale for repairs. All work was scheduled to be complete by the end of Friday 12 June and all but one pothole has now been done. It appears that contacting and persisting does pay off.

These are not the only roads which suffer from unacceptable damage. We urge you to make contact with East Sussex County Council by whatever means such as Fix My Street. But do keep a record of what you said and when you said it. And follow it up if there's a delay.

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Dog fouling

A perennial problem. Lewes District has been approached many times and dog wardens have visited. It's clear that education and attitude changing of some dog owners is needed and affected residents have been encouraged to 'pester' Lewes District Council's officials to request help in doing so. SRV's Committee and Town and District Councillors have also been active in encouraging a more proactive attitude both locally and at District level.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act is being amended to include dog fouling, and related issues and if this goes through it will eliminate the need for by-laws. We will keep you updated on changes.


SRV charges no membership fee. A donation of just £1 would help with expenses and publicity. Please will you help?


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